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How one can attach a network exception in Bitdefender 2019?

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To secure our computers or mobile phones we genuinely need an antivirus which cannot only protect our device from the online threat but also take care of all the offline activities like your credentials and other important data. Bitdefender is the ideal antivirus which keeps your utmost document and other relevant files safe from the phishing threats, malware, spyware and more.
If you are here and looking for the solution to attach a network exception in Bitdefender 2019, do follow the below-prescribed steps carefully-
  • Launch the Bitdefender antivirus software on your device and go to the protection window in the left column.
  • Tap on the settings option button under the Firewall tab.
  • Move the cursor to the Network Adapter button and click on the corresponding box next to Ethernet.
  • From the drop-down menu box select Home\Office.
  • Again go to the settings and click on Edit stealth settings link.
  • Slide the button next to turn off Ethernet and then press OK.
  • Now, go to the Rules tab and click on the Add rule link.
  • From the upper side of the screen, slide the button to turn it on beside the Apply this rule to all applications and hit the blue OK button.
  • Navigate to the ‘Advanced’ tab, select custom Remote address and set the switch to turn it on.
  • In the custom local address enter the IP of your device or any device you want to connect in the required IP field.
  • Now hit to OK tag.

If, in case you are in any trouble while performing the above steps, you are free to contact the technicians at Technical Support for Bitdefender +(61) 283173392. The techies we have are highly educated and amiable and on the same side if you have any doubt regarding the Bitdefender software you can contact us from anywhere.



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